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CTVIP's Process

CTVIP's Violence Intervention Professionals

Violence Prevention Professionals (VPP) are mentors, violence interrupters, community members, advocates and activists. VPP are responsible for recruiting and maintaining a caseload of 15 to 20 high risk youth who are active in street violence. VPPs will provide intensive mentoring to high risk youth, serve as an alternative to conflict, and help facilitate positive changes in behavior. They identify and detect potential violent events and assist in conflict mediation efforts to prevent initial violence and violence or retaliations, and complete corresponding documentation.


We welcome you to follow our three-step process to see how we achieve success, and you 'd like to work with us, book a consultation to see how we can help you better manage difficult situations before they become problematic.



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After a shooting, VPPs will work with the community and on the streets to prevent retaliation. VPPs will also meet with individuals who recently got out of prison to help them smoothly reenter the community but to also prevent any conflicts that might have been caused in or before their incarceration period. ​

Detect & Interrupt Potential Conflicts

VPPS are trained mediators who will mediate situations within the public school system, their clients, or other referral places. VPPs act as a third party to help keep the discussion calm and help the participants come up with an agreed resolution. 

Mediate High Risk Situations

Immediately after a violent incident VPPs will respond to the community to support the victims and community in healing from the incident. VPPs are trained in emergency de-escalation, mediation and restorative practices.

Response to the Community



VPPS are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Theory to assist in teaching youth skills to process emotions and understand the connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


CBT has shown to have a long term impact on decreasing violence, aggressive behavior, and understanding emotional experiences. 

Identify & Treat the Highest Risk

VPPS each manage a caseload of clients; however, they understand that each client has their own individual life/struggles.'


During the individualized intake and engagement phase, VPPs will work with the client together to create a realistic individual plan.


Our comprehensive intake allows us to engage the family, client, and community to work with the client to prevent and intervene in harmful behaviors. 

Design Individual Plans

VPPS are experienced in working with youth in their communities through their own personal experience or past work. The relationships that they build help them work with youth to identify the best individual plan for them. 

Access the Highest Risk

VPPs are experienced in motivational interviewed and CBT to assist them in their dreams and aspirations. VPPs will assist clients with the plan they made together and anything else that might be needed along the way.

Change Behaviors



Blue Skies

VPPs work with the community and the youth in the community to stress positive/healthy behaviors. The VPPs teach their clients about how to control and release their anger in a healthy way and the importance of self care and mental health. 

VPPs create events and programs within the community and outside the community to bring awareness to the struggles that might be experiences. VPPs also develop events that bring the community together to build positive connections. 

VPPs do presentations in the community, school system, colleges, and political influences. VPPs present about the research behind community violence, their personal experiences and current community dynamics to normalize and educate people on the systemic issues within high crime, low income communities.

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