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CTVIP Projects

CTVIP's numerous partnerships enable us to provide vital programming to our client base.   As we continue to grow our services, we will continue to make our communities safer spaces for our neighbors.

Song Strong Studios

Song Strong Studios was donated by Ethan Miller Song Foundation. 


This studio is run by Breed Academy, a Music industry Arts & Entertainment Training Academy, that teaches youth the art and business behind music. Their experience with grammy winning artists allows them to bring their expertise to the youth that they work with. The ability to teach youth how to make beats, write lyrics, develop a music theory understanding, and even learn how to sell their music. They often hold spaces to teach youth how to handle their money, be entrepreneurs, and self-sufficient. 

Hamden Youth Diversion Project

The Hamden Juvenile Review Board (JRB) is a community-based program whose objective is to divert youth from the Juvenile Justice System by providing intervention services to prevent further court involvement.


The  Hamden JRB acts as a preventative program by diverting first time offenders from court to an accessible community resource for appropriate services. Diversions promote responsible behavior and help to solve problems that may be at the root of delinquent behavior. These diversions not only create opportunities for the juvenile offender, but also alleviate overcrowding in the court system.

The Hamden JRB also accepts referrals from Hamden schools and community members for youth who are exhibiting concerning behavior.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

*include referral form for JRB*


Community Garden

Community members, clients, and members from Yale school of environment have built a garden that produces healthy options for our youth. This garden teaches youth about how to grown your own healthy eating options. High crime, low income communities have considerably less healthy eating options compared to higher income suburbs.


For more information about community gardens and their impact on the community, watch the ted talk below about community gardens within South Central Los Angeles.

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