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Building Safer Communities

for Our Most Vulnerable

Welcome to the future of


We have a new name,

but our commitment

to caring is stronger than ever.


CTVIP has emerged from a singular idea to an agency with over 20 staff and multiple programs aimed to support our community and youth.  We are now known as

Connecticut Violence Intervention and Prevention

which captures our strategic efforts to get ahead of community violence and target the systemic, historical issues of our clients.  This rebrand does not just include a new logo and color scheme, to encompass our past, present, and future

goals as an agency that strive to Witness the Greatness

of every youth we encounter.

Violence Prevention Professional Program

Song Strong Studios

Charde's Community Garden

Hamden Youth Diversion Project (JRB) 

The CTVIP Team provides meaningful programs and impactful interactions that have helped individuals become resources rather than detriments to their families, neighbors and most importantly... Themselves.


Client Interactions

Since 2019


Presentations/trainings since 2019


Clients served in 2023


Mediations in 2023 

New Haven, Connecticut is one of the three largest cities in Connecticut, and ranks  second for the number of violent crimes committed per capita. 


Through the work of CTVIP,

and partnerships with the New Haven Police Department and other community-based groups, there has been a significant reduction in violent crimes among New Haven residents.

Our City

Robberies with a Firearm



Gunshots with Victims



Shots reported via Shotspotter



Check out our newly released documentary:Witness Greatness

The Road to redemption is long and winding; it takes the commitment and perseverance of a few to reach positive outcomes for the many who are making the effort to rebuild their lives, and those working to heal from the trauma inflicted upon them.

Follow the CTVIP team as we talk to victims of violence,

meet former perpetrators of crime, and the dedicated warriors striving for equity, health and healing.

Violence Prevention Professionals (VPPs) 

are trained and certified credible messenger mentors who present at schools and other organizations

to help them better understand how to work with high-risk youth.

VPPs are always prepared for

Our team is always prepared for crisis and de-escalation.


We work with many community partners to achieve positive outcomes for the clients we reach.

Our 3 Step Process

is an effective means to preventing and intervening in dangerous situations.

The CTVIP team works tirelessly to reduce the level of violent crime within our community.

Detect & Prevent Potential Conflicts

Manage Existing Conflicts

Change Community & Social Norms




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