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Written about our Lead Violence Prevention Professional, William Outlaw


A dramatic narrative account of the life of William Juneboy Outlaw III, whose journey from housing-project youth to ruthless gangland kingpin to change-making community advocate represents a vital next chapter in the ongoing conversation about race and social justice in America. 

Written with exclusive access to Outlaw himself, Charles Barber’s Citizen Outlaw is the unforgettable story of how a gang leader became the catalyst for one of the greatest civic crime reductions in America, and an inspiring argument for love and compassion in the face of insurmountable odds


Coming to shelves

Written by our board member, Reverend Odell Copper


Interruptions is a true story that details Rev. O’s journey after her son, Jonathan, was murdered in a case of mistaken identity, becoming another victim of gun violence. This “interruption” in Rev. O’s life ignited a domino effect of PTSD, Depression, and Grief, compounded by subsequent loss of employment, detachment from relationships, addiction, and suicidal ideation. This whirlwind of experiences eventually triggered a brain aneurysm, leaving her in such dire straits that her doctors suggested her family begin planning for a funeral. 


Rev. O shares how she emerged resilient in her struggle to overcome her physical maladies, family traditions, cultural & societal stigmas, and racial and economic disparities about mental health. She discovers a way to reinvent herself through her faith, learned experiences, and network of support.



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