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“Witness Greatness” is the motto of Connecticut Violence Intervention Program. To staff, this motto is their passion, to help the youth succeed so their greatness can be witnessed. CTVIP is dedicated to serving youth and the community.



CTVIP works to create safe communities for our most vulnerable.


CTVIP is a group of trusted, trained community members that disrupt, prevent, and stop the spread of violence which results in trauma through crisis intervention and proactive relationships with the highest-risk youths and the institutions that impact their lives in the Greater New Haven area.



Connecticut Violence Intervention Program (CTVIP) is a non-profit organization in New Haven that serves its surrounding communities. The organization is contracted to work with youth, aged 13 to 24, who are impacted by or involved with violence. Our program is based on a mix of different evidence-based models from across the country; specifically, the Cure Violence program in Chicago and the Ceasefire program in Boston. Cure Violence program is a gun violence prevention model that aims to reduce and prevent shootings through the use of public health strategies. The magnitude of violence – in terms of the number of victims – makes it a serious health issue. The effects of violence also ripple through a community, causing trauma to those who witness it or live in fear of it. 


The Cure Violence model uses the same three components that are used to reverse epidemic disease outbreaks:

1) Interrupting transmission of the disease 

2) Reducing the risk of the highest risk

3) Changing community norms. 


Through partnerships with The New Haven Family Alliance, Yale New Haven Hospital, Hamden PD, Yale PD, the City of New Haven Youth Services Division, and the Juvenile Review Board, a coordinated strategy will be used to address local shootings. Skilled Violence Prevention Professionals (VPP) are key to the success of this initiative. VPPs work individually and as a team to prevent conflict, neighborhood shootings and homicide.


CTVIP practices trauma-informed care and unconditional care with every youth they come in contact with. CTVIP is a one-stop shop for at-risk youth and generally at-risk victims of violence throughout New Haven and the region. We have the skills to facilitate education, employment, connection to mental health resources and assistance in law enforcement / court system that makes this organization strong and unique.


Our services individually help each of Connecticut Violence Intervention Program's clients. CTVIP serves and contacts over 1000 youth in a year through presentations, mentoring, events, and other community based organizations.


Youth served through the Violence Prevention Program


Mediations given in the community, schools, emergency room, and etc.


Our partners believe in CTVIP in our mission and vision to develop a safe community for everyone. These partners assist in funding and developing programs to best assist developing proactive relationships with our highest risk youth.


Click each organization to learn more.


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